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O PEGGY C89317 B Marmotta C Taupe xzw71
Sandal Sole Black YEXA916FLY London White Wedge Fly Women's Cupido x4wvS

Sandal Sole Black YEXA916FLY London White Wedge Fly Women's Cupido x4wvS

ASLAN MirrorEffect AntiScratch SE 75 is a 3mil (75 micron) permanent, polyester film in either silver or gold with a high-quality, double sided true mirror effect on a PET liner. This non-printable film can be laser or plotter cut into letters or applied in large sheets. Wet applied with a felt-edge squeegee onto flat, smooth surfaces, the anti-scratch surface of this film reflects a smooth mirror image, and makes rooms appear optically larger and brighter. The high scratch-resistance of the film ensures that the mirror effect remains brilliant in the long term. It can also be cleaned with most commercial grade glass cleaners with no adverse affects.

Ideally suited for application on glass or acrylic, as the mirror effect is then visible on both sides.

Fire Rated Certification B-s1,d0 using DIN EN 13501-1 testing method.


  • Construction Polyester
  • Colours Silver or Gold
  • Finish High gloss mirror
  • Women's Sole Black Sandal Cupido London Wedge YEXA916FLY White Fly DurabilityMinimum 3 to 5 years outdoor
  CODE DESCRIPTION   SKU London Women's Sandal Sole Fly YEXA916FLY Black Cupido White Wedge IN STOCK  
Sandal Fly Women's Cupido Wedge YEXA916FLY White London Black Sole VEASSE75-20 Wedge London Women's Fly White YEXA916FLY Black Cupido Sole Sandal Silver Mirror, 49" x 20 Feet   Black Wedge Sole YEXA916FLY Sandal Fly London White Cupido Women's RL YES
VEASSE75-27 Silver Mirror, 49" x 82 Feet   Black Fly Cupido London YEXA916FLY Women's Sandal White Wedge Sole RL YES
VEASSE75G-20 Gold Mirror, 49" x 20 feet   RL YES
VEASSE75G-27 Gold Mirror, 49" x 82 feet   RL YES

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